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Organizations and Other Sources of Information Supporting Aviation and Space Education

National Coalition for Aviation And Space Education

AOPA, EAA, NBAA, NASAO, FAA, NASA, NAA, CAP, and a host of other groups provide information, free publications to help teachers and students, and also provide lists of related groups.

We strongly encourage those interested in aviation education to explore the groups listed by the National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education on its site www.aviationeducation.org, and also to read through the other information on the site.  Its NCASE GUIDE provides a list of more than fifty associations, agencies, and industry groups who have educational information and resources such as curricula, videos, training materials, and other products which can be of great use to educators and their students!  Visit it at:

National Coalition for Aviation And Space Education

Here below are just a sample of the groups and their sites shown on the NCASE website.  The see them all, click on the link above and visit the NCASE GUIDE!

Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA has an aviation education program director in each FAA region, and also helps foster the Aviation Education Resource Centers located at public facilities throughout the country (see AERC list). A good starting point for useful web links is the FAA site. The following four links are quite useful, and additional sources are available by clicking on the main FAA site above.

bulletFAA listed Education Related Sites
bulletFAA listed Aviation Sites

Civil Air Patrol

The Civil Air Patrol, a member of NCAE, has a long and proud tradition of support for aviation and space education programs and workers.  In addition to the work of its thousands of volunteers engaged in cadet training and other activities, CAP hosts the annual National Congress for Aviation and Space Education (NCASE).  Consider CAP to be an essential resource for aviation and space education.   CAP has lists of related groups on its site.

Aviation Education Resource Centers (AERC)

FAA Aviation Education Resource Centers (AERCs) have been established primarily at colleges, universities, museums, and foundations to provide a focal point for resources including aviation education programs, publications, software and video tapes. Designed for students, teachers and researchers, the materials in the AERCs enhance aviation education and information programs.

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