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 Heritage Society
 Promoting and Supporting General Aviation and the Public's Understanding of it

Captain Barry Schiff would
like to introduce you to
the Wolf Aviation Fund

  “You, like me, have probably enjoyed many years of wonderful aviation experiences, and are always looking for ways to pass on your love of flying to others and to protect our special kind of aviation.

   “Here is your opportunity to do so, supporting innovative grass roots organizations and selfless individuals as they work to teach, build nonprofit groups, develop new technologies, protect airstrips and airports, and make sure our aviation heritage is passed along to future generations.

   “Read on and discover how you too can make more dreams come true!”

      Barry Schiff
  Captain, Retired, TWA, and
  celebrated aviation author

You may not be looking for a grant, but you do want to do everything possible to promote General Aviation and support those who are doing great work in it.  

So where do you fit in?  

By supporting the Wolf Aviation Fund with a donation or contribution to its endowment

To just go ahead and donate now - you may click here:    

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Note: The Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund IRS EIN is 23-2494508.

OR- to find out more, then read on!

The Case:

Distinguished philanthropists and aviation enthusiasts Alfred "Abby" and Constance "Connie" Wolf founded the Wolf Aviation Fund in their estates to encourage and foster those having worthwhile projects and efforts enhancing General Aviation.  Abby was one of the five founders of AOPA, The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Now hundreds of individuals and organizations are doing great work in the seven program areas we support:


Developing Public Policy and Airports


Facilitating Networking and Mutual Support


Identifying and Promoting Use of Alternative Resources


Encouraging Good Communications, Media, and Community Relations


Supporting General Aviation Technology, Safety, and Noise


Improving Public Understanding and Perception of General Aviation


Inspiring the Next Generation through Aviation Education

In the last twenty years we have achieved remarkable success in  helping worthy people and have provided almost 400 grants for wonderful projects and programs!

The resulting efforts are now inspiring and educating youth, introducing the public to the value and excitement of aviation, fostering innovation, championing our airports, encouraging volunteer pilots flying to help others, and supporting those who are working hard with few resources, defending and building general aviation here and abroad.

In addition, we have worked directly in our program areas, creating informational resources and networks of individuals and organizations who are increasingly contributing to the future of aviation.

The Problem, the Need, and the Opportunity:

      Too many great new ideas and programs and too little funding to make them happen!

We receive many more excellent proposals than we can fund.  In fact, now we can only provide partial grants to most of the projects we support.

However our grants are highly cost-efficient.  We do not try to fully support large, expensive projects.  Instead we concentrate on providing seed funds, or the funds necessary to take a worthwhile program to its next stage, or to provide the encouragement and expertise that will allow someone to succeed.  And the recipients have been able to cite the honor of receiving a Wolf Aviation Fund grant in order to encourage others to provide additional support.

     and we are unique - no one else does what we do!

In the process of building our program we have learned that we are the first and the only nonprofit foundation in aviation that provides the type and variety of grants that are needed to support all the worthy individuals and organizations we help.

     that is where you come in.

We are asking you to learn more about our work, to join us in it, and to contribute to its future success and thus the success of those we inspire and support.

Here is your Special Invitation to join the Wolf Aviation Fund Heritage Society:
         Join the Distinguished and Influential Few - those like you who have enjoyed flying and have achieved so much, and who agree with Abby and Connie Wolf that General Aviation is not just an activity or hobby, but rather a Heritage to be shared with others and passed on to a new generation!

The Wolf Aviation Fund is a charitable 501 C 3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization operated as a Private Foundation.  Donations are generally tax deductible up to a certain limit of an individual's annual contributions. In addition we will work with those who would like to set up a charitable trust or named fund that supports projects and programs in any or all of our program areas.

Please join us and consider these two ways in which you can make a difference for the future of aviation and the new generation to follow us:

1) by contributing directly to our current fund by using the form below, thus increasing the number of proposals we can support, and

2) by providing for the future growth of our endowment in your major giving efforts and estate planning. Contact us to inquire about becoming an Endowment Fellow or creating a Named Endowment Fund

     it is easy to take action!

You may wish to hear more.  You may want to learn about the Wolf Aviation Fund and its leadership. You might like to see some of the results of our programs.  Or you may simply want to send us a donation right now.  If you are ready now to hear more or provide your own direct support for some of the many new projects and programs we will see and consider in the coming months and years, please do contact us so we can answer your questions and provide the details you would like to see.  In any case, please do ...

      .... click here to  

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      .... or email us about your donations, your wishes, your interest in becoming an Endowment Fellow or creating a Named Endowment Fund, or your questions at sponsors@wolf-aviation.org
     Note: The Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund IRS EIN is 23-2494508.

Thank You for your contributions broadening the horizons for General Aviation! 

Your support will go far in enabling worthy and hard-working individuals and their groups to continue and expand their valuable efforts far into the future! 

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