Brewer Report
Promoting and Supporting General Aviation and the Public's Understanding of it


"Assessing Needs ... Defining Vision" -   

- the Brewer Conference Report is available here!

Educators and industry observers participated in a special workshop at the National Congress for Aviation and Space Education in 2002 to discuss how companies, agencies, and associations can provide more relevant and accessible resources in support of aviation and space education. Their report is now in the National Coalition for Aviation Education file library and also available here for download. 

Read the report to hear about the work of the Brewer Educational Committee of the National Aeronautic Association, learn the findings of the educators and industry leaders in attendance, and find out the objectives of this effort. 

The file can be downloaded here by clicking this link: Brewer Conference Report PDF

or it is also on the NCAE web site - simply go to the Member Organizations tab and then the File Library link, or go directly by using this link .


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