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Organizational Development, Grant Writing, and Administration 

"Where do I go from here?" 

Have you ever asked that question?  For an individual trying to expand a project or for a group trying to get better at what they do, how to get to the next stage can seem an almost insurmountable obstacle.

Initially this Resources section will focus on guidance and aid available for individuals who are seeking grants or who are working through organizations - usually nonprofit groups - to collaborate with others.

As this site develops we intend to also provide a central place for entrepreneurs and innovators to find information that might lead to increased support for their projects.

What is Organizational Development?

Sometimes the terms "organizational development" and "fund raising" get confused.  In actuality, fund raising is usually one element of a proper program of organizational development, which instead deals with a broad range of issues affecting the ability of groups to better fulfill their missions - and possibly to grow.

Organizational development should be a strategic process, and really should be the predecessor to and framework for development of administrative systems or fund seeking work.

What kind of group is this?  Who are our members?  How shall we seek financial support for our work?  Who will be reponsible for overall policy?  Who will take care of day-to-day business?

All those are questions shouldl be answered as a group moves through the process of organizational development. 

We will provide to you here some pointers to information readily available on the web that can provide you the answers you need.  And as always our focus will be on finding information that is especially relevant to those working in general aviation, as discussed in the other pages of this site.

 NOTE:  The two sub pages that follow contain lists and links that may prove valuable in both the strategic task of general organizational design and development, and the seeking of grants and other support.   We suggest you explore both areas.


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