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Guidance for Those Administering Organizations

It is hard enough to develop policy or to perform good works.  But to develop a successful group there are plenty of do's and don'ts to add to all the chores.

Take advantage of what others have learned and do it the easy way.  We are developing tutorials on subjects of interest to you and your group and links to useful advice.

As a first step, visit GUIDESTAR to find pointers to nonprofit board governance, accounting considerations for nonprofits, and other important advice.

The Guidestar site lists some excellent sources of information regarding nonprofit governance and administration and provides a searchable database of nonprofit organizations.
bulletBoardSource,  formerly the National Center for Nonprofit Boards
Excellent guidance for board members on organizational structure and operations.   See the FAQ on "Questions for Board Members."

bulletIGC Support Center
CompassPoint Nonprofit Services (formerly the Support Center for Nonprofit  Management/NDC)   

bulletNonprofit GENIE 
Site provides excellent tutorials on board development, financial and accounting guidelines, fundraising, and applying for nonprofit exempt status.
bulletExample:  GENIE FAQ on a Chart of Accounts

Stay tuned for additional information!

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