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Resources for Fund Raising and Organizational Development

We can't say it loudly or often enough:  do your homework before applying for a grant or changing your organizational structure.  You will find tips regarding both issues in the publications and sites listed here and in the Administration section. 

Important Periodicals: 

Chronicle of Philanthropy
Weekly news journal of the nonprofit sector.
Web version
includes a summary of news plus full text of major feature stories. (Past issues are not searchable, but major stories can be browsed by topic.)

NonProfit Times
Monthly newsletter for nonprofits. Available in full text at

Philanthropy News Digest
Weekly news of philanthropy. Available via E-mail or on the Web

Philanthropy Journal
Weekly summary of news from foundations and other grantmakers.

Grants Information Publications:

The following publications are usually available in the reference sections of public libraries. Consider them an essential part of the grant seeking process.

Corporate Giving Directory (Taft) and
National Directory of Corporate Giving (The Foundation Center)
These two directories produced by different publishers both provide profiles of major US corporate foundations and charitable giving programs.

If you consider requesting a grant from a group, first check their listing to see if they might support your proposal and to ascertain their requirements. Also research the next publications:

Foundation Directory and Foundation Grants Index (The Foundation Center)
These are companion publications from The Foundation Center.
The Foundation Directory is an annual directory of private and community foundations in the United States. Entries provide contact information, financial data and areas of interest. The Foundation Grants Index is the annual cumulation of grants by foundations.

Who Gets Grants (The Foundation Center)
Like the Foundation Grants Index, this reference is an annual compilation of grants to nonprofit organizations. Unlike the Index, which is organized by foundation, Who Gets Grants is organized by recipient and is thus an excellent way to find out what grants were received by similar organizations.

Internet Resources: 

TechSoup: The technology Place for Nonprofits
Provides guidance and low cost or free software and other resources

Bounus: A nice TechSoup article on mistakes to avoid:  "Volunteer Management Mistakes to Avoid"

A directory of Internet sites for nonprofits which includes fund raising information and proposal writing guidelines.

Guidestar: the Donor's Guide to the Nonprofit Universe
A resource both for those wishing to give and those who wish to make use of funds provided by the public.  Includes pointers to sources of administration advice.

Sponsored by the Society of Research Administrators, this site provides links to Internet resources for grant seekers. It has a research focus, but also has other useful information.

Internet Prospector
This monthly newsletter for fund-raising researchers lists Internet sites related to philanthropy.

NonProfit Gateway
A service of the federal government, this site provides access to government resources of interest to nonprofits.

Many Useful Links to Nonprofit and Funding Resources are in the
Nonprofit Career Resource Guide
This website provides a diestory of links to useful nonprofit career information - and much more, from getting started, to finding ongoing sources of funding, and building a successful nonprofit organization .

Several Grant Information Pages:

Weekly announcement about available grants -

Grant Writing Tools Web Sites -

U.S. Federal Grants Web Sites -

The Best E-Newsletters for Grants and Nonprofit Leaders -

Other Information:

The Foundation Center Library
The library of the Foundation Center provides research assistance for nonprofits. The five comprehensive libraries of The Foundation Center are located in New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco and Washington. Additionally, other libraries throughout the country act as "cooperating collections," providing free access to much of the information included in the comprehensive collections.

As an example: In Connecticut, one library listed as a cooperating collections is:

Hartford Public Library
500 Main Street
Hartford. CT06103
(860) 543-8656

Participating libraries across the country can be identified by calling the Foundation Center.  It also offers an "Associate's Program" for an annual membership fee of $495. Members have telephone access to a wide range of the Foundation Center's resources and on-demand research assistance. Call The Foundation Center's New York office at 212-620-4230 for more information and to determine the cooperating libraries in your area..

 Internet Access for Nonprofits:

There are a few organizations that provide low-cost Internet access to qualifying nonprofit organizations. A few such organizations are




IGC: Institute for Global Communications


Base list compiled by C. Suzanne Cole, Librarian, Pew Charitable Trusts
Additional sites added by Wolf Aviation Fund advisors

Our thanks to the Pew Charitable Trusts for their help in the organizational development program. Their own useful guidelines for Pew Grants can be found at



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