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New Wolf Aviation Fund Website Helps Promote General Aviation

Programs and Grants Described on the Internet

March 24, 1998

The Wolf Aviation Fund, a non-profit foundation dedicated to preserving and promoting general aviation, is pleased to announce the opening of the Wolf Aviation Fund Internet Website at The site serves to present the mission and programs of the Wolf Aviation Fund, named after aviation pioneers and philanthropists the late Alfred L. "Abby" and Constance C. "Connie" Wolf.

According to Rol Murrow, aviation consultant and the fund's Executive Director, the site "will provide a focal point for many individuals and groups working to promote public awareness of general aviation, strengthen their organizations, and obtain fund-raising guidelines for their activities." The site also features write-ups and links for various resources including the Wolf Aviation Fund grant awards program, technical assistance, and other information concerning subjects such as public relations and aviation education.

"We hope to provide a unique service to the general aviation community, and, in the spirit of our founders Abby and Connie Wolf, to transcend the ordinary," states Mr. Murrow.

The site features an attractive and easy-to-use format with a minimum of graphics, to speed access and downloading.

Questions regarding the site and the Wolf Aviation Fund may be directed via e-mail to:

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