Promoting and Supporting General Aviation and the Public's Understanding of it

Policy & Airports

Seven Program Areas:
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Our areas of activity are grouped into the broad program areas listed here.  In addition, there is an interrelationship between the program areas (with associated projects) and the resources the Wolf Aviation Fund will try to bring to the attention of the general aviation community. 

For example, in the Public Policy program area we intend to suggest ideas that might help individuals and groups work at airports to shape local policy regarding the facility and the public perception of general aviation.  Thus tools such as newsletter tips, media resource lists, and administration help available in the Resources pages all could be quite helpful.  Then, too, ideas and resources suggested in the Outreach program area could be equally relevant.

Developing Public Policy and Airports

Elected officials and the general public are often unenlightened about the importance of airports or the intricacies of the national airspace system.  It takes dedicated and informed general aviation users and groups working at the local level to make changes where it counts.

Networking and Mutual Support

Talented individuals and worthy groups often work in relative isolation.  Learn how we might work to improve the collaborative process.

Development and Alternative Resources

Where does one go for help in developing a new idea or in building a group to support aviation?  This program should help those asking this question.

Communications, Media, and Community Relations

The world is changing rapidly and new tools for internal and external communications become available almost daily.  All our efforts would benefit if we embrace both old and new ways to tell our stories.

General Aviation Technology, Safety, and Noise

Sometimes it takes a fortune to bring one good idea to market.  But sometimes it takes only some thought and communications to have a fortune find a worthy concept and make it real.

Outreach:  Improving Public Understanding and Perception

General Aviation sometimes seems out of reach to people - an activity too expensive or complex for participation.  And such misperceptions can cripple efforts to improve policy.  How can we change the way others see us?

Aviation and Space Education

Students in the United StatesPE03336A.gif (2039 bytes) are said to rank low in the industrialized world in mastering math and science.   Good aviation and space education programs inspire young people to expand their intellectual as well as physical horizons.


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