Promoting and Supporting General Aviation and the Public's Understanding of it

General Aviation Technology, Safety, and Noise:  

A Focus on End-Products 

The Wolf Aviation Fund intends to encourage technological development to further the field of general aviation. Specific areas of technological improvement on which we hope to focus include noise reduction and enhancing safety of flight.

Because of a finite amount of resources available, a very few projects in this area   - or even a single large one - could easily exhaust the Fund in short order. Probably the most promising methods for fostering accomplishment ianidea.wmf (6836 bytes)n the technical arena will lie in granting seed funds or otherwise providing critical initial support for one or more developers of promising projects. The idea is that we might be able to help them "get off the ground," combined with gathering information and providing training that would improve their ability to succeed. Finally, publicizing worthy efforts would greatly improve the likelihood of the projects attracting wider support.

It is especially in this program area that we are likely to be able to capitalize on the power of the media. If we are able to find means to widely publicize exciting new ideas and technologies then we can help create a sense of excitement that would draw potential investors or granting organizations into developing relations with the project developers. Again, such efforts would tie in to the ability to develop relationships with the existing print and electronic media as well as to take advantage of new forums such as the World Wide Web.

Likewise, this is a program area where our administrative objectives of using the internet for collaboration are likely to be quite effective. By involving a team of experts familiar with different areas of technology we can quickly prioritize specific proposals and screen them for the most worthy of attention.

This area, too, will benefit from networking initiatives bringing together innovators and potential backers. Those who are developing new ideas could attend seminars and workshops teaching them how to move forward with their ideas. Presentations, awards, and other events could promote good ideas before an audience of representatives of investment and funding organizations. The underlying concept will be to foster a climate of brainstorming and opportunity.

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