Promoting and Supporting General Aviation and the Public's Understanding of it

Identifying and Promoting Use of Alternative Re  sources:

Information, Workshops, and Seminars on Development, Fundraising, Communications, and Available Support

History is full of examples of those who have had great ideas that went nowhere. Especially for volunteer-based advocacy groups or for gifted but untrained entrepreneurs and innovators, the problem of finding resources to support their efforts is often paramount. Yet because of a lack of understanding of the process tremendous energy is often wasted on ineffective campaigns. 

And as groups evolve beyond the "kitchen table" stage the problem of covering printing, mailing, administrative, and other routine costs often become overwhelming. In the initial stages the leaders simply pay for these costs out of pocket. As the activities increase and costs rise all the problems of developing support became greater and greater.

The Air Care Alliance is a group that, like an industry or trade organization, was formed to bring groups together so they could learn from one another. Several of the larger, more developed groups put together seminars, panels, and workshops on organizational development and fund raising, and thus taught the smaller groups how to develop a strategic approach and how to reach out for additional forms of support more effectively, enhancing their missions of serving the public through volunteer-based patient transportation and other public benefit activities.  

The Wolf Foundation will entertain proposals for events such as workshops and seminars that would teach leaders of worthwhile organizations such as airport support groups, aviation education councils, and public benefit organizations how to develop a strategy for success in building their organizations and seeking funding sources and other support for their projects.

In addition, other grant solicitations should result in projects that identify nonprofit, government, or industry sources for support that might not be readily apparent to aerospace innovators or aviation group leaders in need of resources. The results will be provided in a structured way to such innovators and leaders, such as in conferences, in publications, and on the World Wide Web.

In these ways a relatively small investment will lead to large returns in terms of the number of individuals and projects that might become successful. At a minimum, such events and efforts could improve networking and mutual support activities.

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