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Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Proposals Due December 15

Funding supports aviation education, public service work, airport outreach, and research.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 26, 2009.  

The December 15 deadline is rapidly approaching! The Wolf Aviation Fund aids many programs and projects promoting and supporting General Aviation.  Grants support individuals and groups doing great work shaping the future of aviation.  Full information is available at



Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Proposals Due December 15

Funding supports aviation education, public service work, airport outreach, and more

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 26, 2009. 

The December 15 deadline is rapidly approaching for Wolf Aviation Fund grant proposals!  Each year the Fund provides help for innovative projects that "promote and support general aviation." Projects must fit into the foundation's seven major program areas, which are Developing Public Policy and Airports; Networking and Mutual Support; Development and Alternative Resources; Communications, Media, and Community Relations; General Aviation Technology, Safety, and Noise; Improving Public Understanding and Perception; and Aviation and Space Education.

More than 240 projects have been funded to date, many of which have led to the existence of new organizations or have supported projects which continue today. 

Last year the Fund supported development of a special Build-A-Plane career supplement for teens in partnership with the Society of Automotive engineers and the FAA;  the Fly4Life exhibits celebrating volunteer based public benefit aviation at EAA AirVenture;  an innovative university project examining the used of a mesh network of sensors to provide wind shear information at the smaller GA airports;  a pilot project in California to bring actual airplanes to school classrooms statewide;  a documentary on the First Women's Air Derby;  an interdisciplinary method enhancing aviation understanding among college students;  seed funds for an exciting new aviation video series called "A Pilot's Story;"  an introduction to flight training for the disabled in Maine;  a new nonprofit group providing CFI's and A&P's to classrooms to introduce youth to aviation careers;  "First Flying Lesson," an online flash video program as part of a series teaching young children about aviation;  Bye Energy's work to develop electric propulsion for aircraft;  a statewide Aviation Careers EXPO;  a high altitude balloon pressure capsule featuring lightweight flexible materials;  a study of the factors in flight instructor - student relationships hindering or enhancing the success of women in learning to fly;  Maxinne Sheer's Mindmapping project researching productive relationships in aerospace education;  an expansion of the "Girls With Wings" program and website exciting girls about aviation;  and "Teens in Flight," a volunteer based program providing flight experiences and aviation career support for the children of military personnel injured or lost serving our country.

Each of these projects deserves a story on its own and full recognition, but this list can only hint at the projects' exceptional value and the accomplishments of the participants. They deserve our immense thanks for working so hard to build the future of aviation, and the Wolf Aviation Fund is honored to be able to provide a bit of encouragement.

Proposals often received partial support, because by providing partial funding as challenge grants the recipients then could use the honor and recognition of a Wolf Aviation Fund grant to approach others and seek additional funding.  This approach permits more projects to receive grants and has proven quite successful. We encourage all aviation supporters to look for those who have won Wolf Aviation Fund awards, and to provide them additional support.

The Foundation is working to increase the funding available for projects since there were many good ideas that could not be funded. If you or your group would like to learn about and help support some of these projects or to set up your own dedicated grant program please visit the site and send an email.

Log on to now to read about the Fund's grant program and to discover the rich world of resources available for those who are doing great work in general aviation! 

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