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We are researching media databases that can be available on this site, along with a search capability so you can determine publications which serve your area and/or special focus.  We also will investigate providing the lists in database format so you can mail merge with your document.  Finally, we will also provide any information we find regarding services that can distribute the information for you according to your directions.

Aviation Trade Publications Any of the following aviation trade publications should be considered when publicizing major aviation education events and opportunities. More publications will be added to this list shortly.

Please let us know if any of the following addresses need updating!


Aerokurier - Flug Revue

Ubier Str. 83 53173,

Bonn, Germany

Tel: 49-228-9565-114

Fax: 49-228-9565-245

Contact: Volker Thomalla, Editor-In-Chief


Aero Trader & Chopper Shopper Magazine

14549 62nd Street N.

Clearwater, FL 34620 USA

Tel: 813-535-1800

Fax: 813-535-4000


The Air Charter Guide

104 Mt. Auburn Street, 4th Floor

Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

Tel: 617-547-5811

Fax: 617-868-5335


Aircraft Technical Publishers

101 S. Hill Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005 USA

Tel: 415-330-9500

Fax: 415-468-1596


Airport Business Magazine

1233 Janesville Avenue

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 USA

Tel: 414-563-6388

Fax: 414-563-1702

Contact: Paul Bowers, Publisher


ALA-Latin American Aeronautical Assn

2514 Gravel Road

Ft. Worth, TX 76118-6903 USA

Tel: 817-284-034

Fax: 817-284-0433


AOPA Pilot

421 Aviation Way

Frederick, MD 21707 USA

Tel: 301-695-2053

Fax: 301-695-2180


Aviation Group/McGraw-Hill Companies

1221 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020 USA

Tel: 212-512-6942

Fax: 212-512-3334


Business Air Today

1003 Central Avenue

Fort Dodge, IA 50501 USA

Tel: 800-892-0267

Fax: 515-955-3753


European Business Air News/Aire Show

134 South Street, Bishop's Stortford

Hertfordshire, UK CM23 3BQ UK

Tel: 44-1279-506670

Fax: 44-1279-755147


Flight International Magazine

c/o Reed Business Publishing,

3700 Capmus Drive, #203

Newport Beach, CA 92660 USA

Tel: 714-756-1057

Fax: 714-756-2514


FLYING Magazine

500 W. Putnam Avenue,

Greenwich, CT 06830 USA

Tel: 203-622-270

Fax: 203-622-2715


Halldale Publishing & Media Ltd.

84 Alexandra Road,

Farnborough Hants, UK GUI4 6DD UK

Tel: 44-1252-547974

Fax: 44-1252-512714

Contact: Andrew Smith, Publisher


Professional Pilot Magazine

3014 Colvin Street

Alexandria, VA 22304 USA

Tel: 703-370-0606

Fax: 703-370-7082

Contact: Murray Smith, Publisher


River House Press

P.O. Box 51332

Reno, NV 89506 USA

Tel: 800-745-4065

Fax: 702-626-3460

Contact: Moya Olson Lear, Owner


Trade-A-Plane (TAP Publ. Co.)

410 W. 4th Street

P.O. Box 509

Crossville, TN 38557 USA

Tel: 615-484-5137

Fax: 615-484-2532

Contact: Cosby Stone, Publisher


WINGSPAN, News Services

932 Hungerford Drive

Suite 28B

Rockville, MD 20850 USA

Tel: 301-340-3900

Fax: 301-340-3903

Contact: Phil Osborn, President

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