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"LESSONS LEARNED: First Aid Kit for Airports"

to be Underwritten by the Wolf Aviation Fund

Solicits Success Stories to Preserve and Protect Nation's Airports

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 1, 1999

Nothing breeds success like success. In that spirit, the Wolf Aviation Fund, a non-profit foundation that promotes general aviation and its usefulness to society, is seeking information about campaigns, grassroots lobbying, and educational or promotional materials used successfully by airport managers and supporters to preserve aviation resources and to educate opinion leaders and the public about aviation's role in our everyday lives.

The information, including strategies, educational and informational materials, and airport support campaigns, will be the subject of "Lessons Learned: First Aid Kit for Airports," a multi-media guide underwritten by the Wolf Aviation Fund.

"Almost daily, people in aviation hear of yet another airport that's in jeopardy because of politics, development, or anti-aviation activists," said Rol Murrow, executive director of the Fund. "We read of attempts to close airports, restrict operations, prevent improvements, or eliminate funding and we see all manners of opposition that add to the challenge of managing and using the on- and off-ramps to our Nation's air transportation system.

"But there are other stories -- success stories told and untold -- of airports that rose above adversity, or never faced it to begin with because they have something in place -- a process that promotes their airport and overcomes anti-airport sentiment."

Murrow noted that there are many examples of airport managers and users who nurtured relationships with opinion leaders, the news media and others in its neighboring communities. Airports where clear, open lines of communication were established long ago, or where airport users and the community alike rallied in support of its economic resource are where lessons can be learned and then applied at other facilities.

"Lessons Learned" will serve as a resource guide, outlining success stories and telling where owners and users can go for advice about programs and projects that work. It will list resources available from both in and out of the aviation community and government, and will identify professionals who can help with the process. Information compiled for the project will be developed into a guidebook, Internet website, and videotape.

The Wolf Aviation Fund contracted with a creative team headed by John Lindemann of the New Jersey based Lindemann Concern. As a community relations/public acceptance professional and private pilot, Lindemann co-produced an educational video on general aviation for the State of New Jersey, and has worked with the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association and American Association of Airport Executives on government and public relations efforts. He served as executive director of AERO New Jersey, an association that represented the interests of airport owners and operators in his home state.

"We're not reinventing the wheel," says Mr. Lindemann. "We're gathering information about the wheels that work just fine or where a situation was turned around. Then we are developing a clearinghouse where others can find a strategy that might help them with their own situation.

Examples of the following will be reviewed for inclusion in the guide, all of which should have had the goal of generating support for or understanding of an airport and its role: videos: brochures and other print materials; airport displays or museums; school programs; media relations efforts; government outreach; and advocacy campaigns among various communities such as user groups and business leaders. A listing of groups and organizations will also be developed.

The deadline for information is October 12. Information may be sent directly to: John Lindemann, the Lindemann Concern, 29 Everitt Road, Ringoes, NJ 08551. Phone: 908-782-8891. Fax: 908-782-8372. E-mail: For general information about the Wolf Aviation Fund visit its website at



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