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First Six 1998 Wolf Fund Grants Announced

Awards Will Support Aviation Projects Benefiting the Community

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 5, 1998

Six exciting projects have been awarded grants from the Wolf Aviation Fund. These first awards for the 1998 grant program reflect a wide spectrum of proposals fostering and promoting general aviation and its value to society.  The grants awarded range from five hundred to five thousand dollars.

Additional awards are still being considered and interested persons can obtain all relevant information at the Fund's website, WWW.WOLF-AVIATION.ORG.

"The reviewers have been studying many proposals since this year's program was announced," according to Executive Director Rol Murrow.  "I believe this first group of awards will help a number of projects move forward, with a high potential to provide wide ranging benefits for general aviation and our communities."

The first award supports a proposal submitted by Bill Leavens of the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition, based in New Jersey, to produce and distribute several hundred copies of "Without General Aviation," an excellent video produced by the state. Copies will be sent to opinion leaders in New Jersey and also to other states' aviation divisions to encourage production of similar videos explaining how general aviation enhances the intermodal transportation system.

A seed grant was awarded to William A. Welch to support work he and Albert Snyder of Skycraft Corporation have proposed to develop an improved muffler system for light aircraft engines. This award reflects the Fund's interest in technological innovation making general aviation aircraft more acceptable in noise sensitive environments.

Chuckie Hospers of the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, received an award to develop "Aviation in a Box" activity kits for use in teaching aviation curricula in primary and secondary schools. The project hopes to expand children's enthusiasm for mathematics and science through exposure to their application in aviation studies and activities.

Another grant supporting aviation education activities and in addition assisting pilot training and improving public understanding of general aviation will fund a project proposed by Michael Berlin of the J. Eugene Smith Library of Eastern Connecticut State University. This grant establishes an accessible regional collection of texts, videos, audiotapes, disks, and other media dedicated to general aviation subjects.

LifeLine Pilots, based in Illinois, was awarded funds to promote volunteer-based public benefit flying in a multi-state area. Proposal author Wanda Whitsitt says the grant will provide media coverage of the role of general aviation in providing vital services to the community at large, enhancing public interest in this activity.

Finally, Sherry Knight Rossiter, Ph.D., was awarded startup support for her innovative program promoting "Critical Incident Debriefing of General Aviation Pilots (CIDGAP)." She will develop literature and promote the concept on a new web site, providing to general aviation pilots the same kind of significant post accident support that is now enjoyed by fire and police personnel, airline crews, and forest service pilots who survive traumatic experiences.

The Wolf Aviation Fund continues its evaluation of proposals as they are submitted. Those needing support for worthwhile projects are encouraged to study the Fund's guidelines and consider applying for support.

The fastest and preferred way to participate is to visit the Fund's website at WWW.WOLF-AVIATION.ORG. The website, like the Wolf Aviation Fund, is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of general aviation.

Guidelines may also be requested via electronic mail sent to MAIL@WOLF-AVIATION.ORG. Postal requests should be mailed to The Alfred L. & Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund, Attention: Grant Administration, 149 Walnut Street, Willimantic, CT 06226

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