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As one of the five Founders of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Abby Wolf was no doubt pleased to see it grow into the preeminent leader in setting national policy on matters affecting General Aviation and helping others defend our airports and advocating on behalf of personal flying.

Therefore it  will be no surprise if we first point the way to the rich resources available at 

bulletThe Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

For anyone wanting to start an airport association or other aviation advocacy group, an essential first step is obtaining a copy of Airports Then and Now, AOPA's book on developing an airport support program.  The printed book can be obtained by those who are serious about getting started by calling AOPA's national support lines, 1 800 USA-AOPA.  An alternative is to view or download the chapters of the book from AOPA's online service.  The files are named in order and the first one is

bulletAirports Then and Now; Chapter One: Organizing an Airport Support Group

However, note that this file is in the Members' Only Section, thus one must be an AOPA member to access it.

Another good resource from AOPA is its Flying Friendly video.   This can be used to work with pilots at airports to build better relations with airport neighbors concerned about noise and safety.

bulletThe Federal Aviation Administration

Consider the FAA also to be a first stop.  The home page here has links that lead to many national, regional, and state sources of information.  In addition, a video is available that shows how to build an airport Friend's group, a perfect complement to the book from AOPA.  You can ask at your local FAA General Aviation District Office if the video can be loaned our, or shown at an upcoming FAA safety seminar in your area.

bulletThe Experimental Aircraft Association

EAA supports pilots or other aviation enthusiasts who love the technology of airplanes and fun of flying!   For those who wish to build a kit or get involved in general aviation technology EAA is the best first stop.  Local chapters bring builders together at the local level while the annual convention at Oshkosh is the world's largest assembly of planes and aviation lovers.  And the EAA Young Eagles program organizes members to give tens of thousands of introductory rides to youth annually.

bulletThe Recreational Aviation Foundation

The RAF is a wonderful group whose volunteers work to champion backcountry and recreational flying and protect, preserve, promote, maintain, and build airstrips and recreational airfields throughout the nation.  They work at the local, state, and national level, and partner with agencies such as the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and aviation associations large and small.

bulletThe Air Care Alliance:   Flying to Help Others

More than fifty nonprofit groups in the United States organize volunteers to use their aircraft to fly for the public benefit.  This site lists all such groups and provides links to their web sites and other sources of information.  The pilots and others who serve their communities in this way derive extra satisfaction by combining their love of flying with the important aid they provide to those in need, and at the same time they show how general aviation is a vital part of the resources serving society.

bulletGeneral Aviation Team 2000:  Be A Pilot

Almost every major association and trade group in General Aviation have banded together to reach the estimated 1.2 million people who have always wanted to fly, have the time and means to do so, but haven't done it.  This site is a gateway to send those you think might enjoy learning to fly!


This online service sends an informative weekly newsletter by email to anyone requesting it and maintains an excellent list of sites on the internet.  The focus is on news and events shaping policy.  It usually includes press releases from all the major general aviation organizations.

bulletOther eNews sites: 

Landings, General Aviation News, Atlantic Flyer, Aero News Network, Pacific Flyer, Southern Aviator, Aviation Week, and many more aviation media groups also provide online resources of information that are full of useful information and the latest aviation news.  

bulletMore To Come:

We are assembling lists of addresses and links to other useful sites and information.  We do not intend to repeat lists found elsewhere, but will point you to them.   This page will change and we urge you to stay tuned.

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