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Grants from Wolf Aviation Fund Available To December 15

More than thirty projects on airport safety, aviation careers, educational conference, and other subjects funded in 2004

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 25, 2005  

The Wolf Aviation Fund has supported more than a hundred projects in the last few years and is seeking new proposals from other folks who have ideas or projects promoting or supporting general aviation. This year's grant program deadline is December 15th, thus those who could use some funding should access www.wolf-aviation.org now and find out how to apply for grants.  In addition, the site provides much useful information for those who work in aviation education, nonprofit group management, technological development, and other areas involving general aviation.

Last year's grants helped pay for a wide variety of projects. The Fund supported organization of the first-ever national Leadership Conference for Aviation and Space Education (LCASE) as described at www.lcase.info, and funded a guidebook for airport communities to assess safety of operations in order to provide accurate information to their surrounding communities, a video that promotes Idaho's beautiful wilderness airstrips, two safety projects for volunteer pilots and their organizations, and a new Girl Scouts program which will demonstrate how the Girl Scouts can work with Women in Aviation, International, encouraging young women to get started in aviation.

More than thirty 2004 projects received such funding, ranging from educational and airport promotion projects to educational musical shows, programs helping disabled people get involved in flying, development of a special airport economic impact statement, and academic studies enhancing employment of women and minorities in aviation.

Log on to www.wolf-aviation.org now and read about the Fund's seven major areas of interest and the rich world of resources available for those who are doing great work in general aviation!

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