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Example of our Conditions of Acceptance Document:

This is an example of the text of a typical COA document as of May, 2008.  The text may change in a final document.  Those applying for grants for colleges and other institutions may wish to have this reviewed prior to applying for a grant to be sure it will not conflict with the organization's policies.


Grant No.  
Proposal by:    (herein "I," "me," or "Recipient.")
Total Grant Amount: $ *****
Amount on awarding: $ same as above *****
Amount on completion: $ none

In exchange for the funds to be granted by the Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund AKA the Wolf Aviation Fund (the Fund) to me and/or to the organization I represent, and for other valuable consideration hereby acknowledged, I agree to the following terms of acceptance:

Certification: If the funds are for an organization I affirm that I am authorized to enter into this agreement on behalf of that organization and that I or another authorized organizational representative have signed this agreement on behalf of that organization.

I will ensure that the grant funds are spent in substantial conformity with the proposal I have submitted, which shall be considered to be a part of this agreement. Any significant changes regarding funding and/or scope of the grant must be mutually agreed in writing in this document and/or in other documents to be executed by the parties hereto.

Records: I will keep in my possession or available to me receipts and/or other written documentation sufficient to record all expenditures and use of funds provided in support of the grant proposal. I will not send the receipts or copies to the Fund unless requested. If such a request is made I will make copies of them available promptly to the Fundís representative and keep the originals for my own records.

Reporting: If the grant involves substantial funds to be spent in direct support for the time of any individual including myself I will report the amounts of such payments or expected payments to the Fund so that appropriate accounting and possible reporting forms can be prepared by the Fund. I will provide the appropriate payee name and taxpayer I.D. number for the grant recipient below.

I will regularly report the progress of my grant project as mutually agreed and as shown in the proposal and on completion of the project described in the proposal will provide a final report as called for in the proposal and/or as may be mutually agreed. I understand electronic mail is preferred for the submission of all reports.

If no specific report is described in the proposal or other documents then I will provide a short final written report via electronic mail or as a file attachment sent via electronic mail describing the processes followed in completing the proposal and the results obtained. I will also provide a short summary report showing the disposition of funds awarded in support of the proposal. The financial report should not include receipts or details unless specifically requested by the Fund.

The reports will be in a format suitable for public distribution, and I hereby provide permission for the Fund to make use of and/or to publish or publicize the grant proposal, its results, and any and all reports in any manner the Fund may choose, unless other arrangements have been made in writing.

Media produced: If the project involves the production, publication, or release of any media product such as a film, video, audio tape, slide show, book, pamphlet, and/or other media product then I will provide a copy of such product or products to the Wolf Aviation Fund and I hereby provide permission for the Fund to make use of all or part of such media products in order to demonstrate the kinds of projects the Fund supports, to use in raising funds to help provide support for other projects or proposals or Fund purposes, to assist in developing public support and understanding of the Fund and its purposes, and in general to support the nonprofit mission of the Fund. I do not grant permission for use of such media products for commercial presentation, unless I provide that permission separately in writing.

Publicity and attracting additional support: Wolf Fund Grants are intended to help recipients attain recognition for their efforts and projects and to encourage others to lend support, thus notice of an award may well bring needed attention to the recipient and acknowledge the honor that winning an award provides.

In addition, notice of an award may alert other worthy groups or individuals of the possibility of support for their projects or to learn of helpful information available through the Fund.

Thus I will make a reasonable effort where reasonable and appropriate to provide notice(s) of the fact a Wolf Aviation Fund grant was awarded to me for this project, such as by including a note and internet link to on a website related to my proposal and/or by providing notice(s) and the same web site link URL in printed materials and products, other media produced, exhibit signage, and/or press releases, where reasonable and practicable. 

Suggested forms for such notice include "Recipient of a grant from the Wolf Aviation Fund," "With Support from the Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund," "Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Recipient," or similar statement. Use of a logo or graphic from the Fund is permissible and encouraged. Logos are available on the Fund's website page at

However, because the sizes of grants vary widely among recipients and thus to avoid comparisons among them or expectations by others I will generally avoid mentioning the specific dollar amount of my award, instead simply characterizing it in a general way such as "small," "generous," "supporting," "helpful," etc., rather than indicating the amount, unless it proves awkward to do so.

Note to grant recipients: many recipients have often been able to attract additional support as well as the attention needed to provide their information and results to the aviation and larger community by publicizing the awarding of a Wolf Aviation Fund grant and the project being supported. The Wolf Aviation Fund has an additional purpose of helping recipients and others become successful in their work by improving their ability to tell their stories, therefore has provided information on media relations and a tutorial on preparing a press release on its website in the Resources section. The Fund strongly encourages recipients to prepare press releases about its project and will, on a time available basis, assist with this.  See the website for further information.

Excess funds: If the funds provided in support of this grant exceed the amounts needed to complete the project then I will return the unspent funds to the Fund to be used for other Fund purposes, or will dispose of the excess funds as directed by the Fund.

Responsibility for outcomes: I assume responsibility for the uses of any grants provided and for any and all consequences thereof. I hereby indemnify the Fund, its agents, employees, and/or assigns from any and all financial and/or other liability that may be occasioned and/or caused by my use of the funds and/or by my engaging in any and all activities related to the grant proposal. I am responsible for paying any and all taxes or fees that may be required as a result of receiving this grant and/or for reporting any expenditures that require tax reporting.

Supporting other efforts: I understand that the Founders of the Wolf Aviation Fund have created the Fund, which provided the grant, in order to support the public benefit as stated in the published materials describing the Fund and its programs. While I am under no obligation to do so, if significant personal or organizational financial gain shall ever occur because of any support provided by the Fund I will consider the possibility that I or my organization might use some of such gain to similarly support worthy efforts benefiting the public and advancing the state of the art of General Aviation or improving the public understanding of it.

Jurisdiction: I understand that the Wolf Aviation Fund is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I agree that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of that jurisdiction and this agreement is executed as if signed in that location.

Additional terms of agreement:

 [ any additional special terms would be inserted here ]

(IMPORTANT - Clear, legible entries please! Print carefully.)
(Please do not delete any of the following lines or labels.)
(Please provide all the information we will need.)

Agreed By
(PRINT): ___________________________________________, Recipient

SIGNED: ___________________________________________, Recipient


Organization (if any) ___________________________________________
Authorized Organizational
Representative if different
from name above (PRINT) ___________________________TITLE:________

SIGNED: ________________________________________, Representative


To Wolf Aviation Fund:
Please make our check(s)

payable to          ______________________________________________

Absolutely Required:
Taxpayer I.D. Number (EIN or SSN): _______________________________

Mail check to: __________________________________________
street address


_________________________, ____________ _________ city, state, zip

Accepted for Wolf Aviation Fund by:
- Signed: _____________________________ Location _________________
- William R. Murrow, Executive Director, Wolf Aviation Fund, or by

1) Please PRINT OUT TWO COPIES of ALL PAGES of the Conditions of Acceptance document (but NOT the letter above it),

2) COMPLETE ALL appropriate blanks on both copies, 

3) SIGN AND DATE BOTH copies, 

4AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FAX ALL PAGES of ONE COPY, to expedite processing,
to FAX
815-572-9192, (or send scanned PDF of one copy via email)

4) and then MAIL BOTH COPIES by normal First Class U.S. Mail (NOT certified) to:

        The Wolf Aviation Fund 
        Grant Administration
        2060 State Highway 595
        Lindrith, New Mexico 87029

One copy will be signed and returned to you for your files, possibly with your check for the grant. Checks must be processed at another office thus expect some time for this process. Faxing an advance copy will greatly speed up our processing your check.

5) IMPORTANT REMINDER: Even if you replied recently to a prior message please do reply immediately to this message indicating you received and reviewed it and that you do desire to proceed with this grant per the Conditions of Acceptance.

Occasionally emails fail and we don't want to each be waiting to hear from one another!

If we do not hear back from you soon we will assume you are no longer interested, that your project has already been completed, or that your project is no longer viable, and we will reassign this funding to another project.

Please also remember to include the grant number at the beginning of the subject line of all messages regarding it.

Note: final processing could take up to several weeks before your check arrives. Thank you for your patience!

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